Pearl Jam

And The Pearls Sweep Bootleg 2of2

Tracks: 13, total time: 73:51, year: 1994, genre: Grunge

YEAR: 1994 ID3G: 6

1.9:50    Porch
2.4:33    Rats
3.6:23    Immortality
4.4:53    Don't Wait (Unreleased)
5.6:53    Garden
6.4:03    Leash
7.8:52    Rockin' In The Free World
8.6:43    Happy Trails-Indifference
9.5:37    Not For You (Unreleased)
10.5:05    Rearviewmirror
11.5:03    Daughter-Hey, Hey, My, My
12.2:27    Won't Back Down
13.3:31    Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town

Category: misc - Discid: bf114d0d

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