"C" is for Cookie: Cookie's Favorite Songs

Tracks: 14, total time: 35:35, year: 1995, genre:

1.1:30Cooke Monster / "C" is for Cookie
2.4:16Cookie Monster with Big Bird / The Last Cookie Roundup
3.2:03Cookie Monster and Herry Monster / Circles
4.2:32Cookie Monster and The Count / If I Knew you were Coming I'd Have Baked a Cake
5.3:41Cookie Monster and a Balladeer / The Ballad of Casey McPhee
6.2:05Cookie Monster / If Moon was Cookie
7.2:02Cookie Monster / Goodbye Little Cookie
8.3:58Ernie and Cookie Monster / Breakfast Time
9.1:19Cookie Monster and Herry Monster / M-M-M Monster Meal
10.2:45Cookie Monster / Handful of Crumbs
11.2:44Cookie Monster and Another Monster / Up & Down
12.1:27Cookie Monster / Gingerbread Man
13.2:53Cookie Monster and The Fly Girls / Healthy Food
14.2:24Cookie Monster / Me Gotta Be Blue

Discid: misc / bf08550e

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