Mystic Mixes

Tracks: 12, total time: 65:02, year: 2000, genre: Euro-Techno

1.5:56    T.N.T for the Brain (Night Girl Remix)
2.5:00    Sadeness (Mutilation UK Mix)
3.4:00    Mea Culpa (Orthodoxy Mix)
4.7:26    The Eyes of Truth (Light Creator Mix)
5.6:46    Gravity of Love (Righd Voice Club Mix)
6.5:25    Light of your Smile (Short Remix)
7.3:58    Modern Crusaders (Distinction Mix)
8.6:21    Gravity of Love (Scourge Club Mix)
9.6:21    Mea Culpa (Fade to Spirit Mix)
10.3:13    Endless Quest (Mysterious Mix)
11.5:40    The Eyes of Truth (Deep Bass Club Remix)
12.5:03    Sadeness (Disillusion Remix)

Category: misc - Discid: bc0f3c0c

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