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101 Classic Themes - Disc 10

Tracks: 70, total time: 56:39, year: , genre:

1.1:07Desolate Guitar
2.0:37Desolate Guitar
3.0:18Desolate Guitar
4.1:51Desolate Guitar
5.1:43Desolate Guitar
6.1:07Gut String Minor
7.0:37Gut String Minor
8.0:18Gut String Minor
9.0:39Gut String Minor
10.0:38Gut String Minor
11.0:37Gut String Minor
12.0:26Gut String Minor
13.0:23Gut String Minor
14.0:21Gut String Minor
15.1:01Gut String Minor
16.0:58Gut String Minor
17.0:54Gut String Minor
18.0:33Gut String Minor
19.0:30Gut String Minor
20.1:07Gut String Major
21.0:38Gut String Major
22.0:37Gut String Major
23.0:18Gut String Major
24.0:17Gut String Major
25.0:53Gut String Major
26.1:08Gut String Beat
27.1:07Gut String Beat
28.0:38Gut String Beat
29.0:38Gut String Beat
30.0:17Gut String Beat
31.1:15Gut String Beat
32.1:06Gut String Beat
33.0:49Gut String Beat
34.0:27Gut String Beat
35.0:26Gut String Beat
36.0:24Gut String Beat
37.1:15Gut String Beat
38.1:10Gut String Beat
39.1:06Gut String Beat
40.0:53Gut String Beat
41.0:49Gut String Beat
42.0:47Gut String Beat
43.0:44Gut String Beat
44.0:37Gut String Beat
45.1:07Calliope A
46.0:37Calliope A
47.0:18Calliope A
48.1:25Calliope A
49.1:08Calliope B
50.1:32Calliope B
51.1:07Dobro Slow
52.1:07Dobro Slow
53.0:38Dobro Slow
54.0:19Dobro Slow
55.1:34Dobro Slow
56.0:57Dobro Slow
57.0:47Dobro Slow
58.0:36Dobro Slow
59.1:07Dobro Medium
60.0:37Dobro Medium
61.0:18Dobro Medium
62.1:05Dobro Medium
63.0:58Dobro Medium
64.0:36Dobro Medium
65.1:08Dobro Fast
66.0:37Dobro Fast
67.0:17Dobro Fast
68.0:18Dobro Fast
69.1:37Dobro Fast
70.1:09Dobro Fast

Discid: misc / bc0d4546

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