Pearl Jam

& Friends - Self Pollution II - Disc 1

Tracks: 15, total time: 52:02, year: 1995, genre: Grunge

YEAR: 1995

1.3:53    How Do You Pass The President's Test? [by the American Music Club (LP)]
2.1:20    Eddie Talks
3.1:02    No Action [by Dave Grohl (Unreleased)]
4.5:28    This Is The The Call [by Dave Grohl (Unreleased)]
5.3:52    Why Fucking Why? [by Babes in Toyland (LP)]
6.2:22    Eddie Talks II
7.4:46    Make You Think [by Soundgarden (Live)]
8.4:21    Fell On Black Days [by Soundgarden (Live)]
9.4:07    Gonna Get To You [by Soundgarden (Live)]
10.4:15    No Attention [by Soundgarden (Live)]
11.3:01    Wanna Be A Star Boy [by The Frogs (Live)]
12.2:30    Eddie & Chris Novaselic talk
13.1:09    Johnny Get Out of My... [by the Frogs (LP)]
14.3:57    Eddie & Chris Novaselic talk II
15.6:00    They Through Me Out Of The Church [by Big Train (LP)]

Category: misc - Discid: bc0c300f

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