Amon Amarth

Deceiver of the Gods

Tracks: 13, total time: 63:46, year: 2013, genre: Death Metal

1.4:20    Deceiver of the Gods
2.4:39    As Loke Falls
3.4:20    Father of the Wolf
4.4:03    Shape Shifter
5.6:18    Under Siege
6.3:16    Blood Eagle
7.4:26    We Shall Destroy
8.4:10    Hel
9.4:17    Coming of the Tide
10.8:14    Warriors of the North
11.5:11    Ride For Vengeance (live at Bochum 2008)
12.4:38    Masters Of War (live at Bochum 2008)
13.5:56    Versus The World (live at Bochum 2008)

Category: misc - Discid: b90ef00d

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