Milman-Brignall Enigma


Tracks: 16, total time: 47:22, year: 2005, genre: Rock

1.0:42    Prologue
2.2:51    You're So Existential
3.3:51    Arcade Love Machine
4.5:17    Any Further Attempt To Contact Me Will Be Ignored
5.3:27    The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore
6.3:06    Fragments
7.2:06    Expressions Worn In Autumn
8.2:19    Yesterday's Garbage
9.0:19    Barbecue Sauce
10.3:45    Psychotic Episode
11.2:20    Mighty Mouth (Version 2)
12.3:21    Liberation
13.1:37    Acka Raga
14.8:41    How's Your Fuzzy Box
15.2:28    I'll Wake Up Dead That Morning When I'm Gone
16.1:08    Epilogue

Category: misc - Discid: b90b1810

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