Mr. Ivan

187 In "A" Hockey Mask

Tracks: 13, total time: 49:35, year: 1994, genre: Rap

1.0:32Mr. Ivan / Intro
2.4:11Mr. Ivan / Ruger #9
3.4:42Mr. Ivan / Snitchen A$$ Niggaz
4.3:35Mr. Ivan, Lil Slim, Mannie Fresh / All Crossed Up
5.3:36Mr. Ivan / Devil N Me
6.5:58Mr. Ivan, Kilo-G, Tec-9, Big "Ben" / Up It Daddy
7.3:21Mr. Ivan, Kilo-G / How "U" Kill
8.3:26Mr. Ivan, Black / 187 In A Hockey Mask
9.4:33Mr. Ivan, Big Heavy / Doing Bad
10.3:27Mr. Ivan, Big Heavy / I Live U Die
11.4:40Mr. Ivan, Mannie Fresh, B-32 / Look At Yourself
12.4:34Mr. Ivan / Fake Ass Hustlers
13.3:02Mr. Ivan / $ugar $lim (Outro)

Discid: misc / b80b9d0d

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