Various Artists

"Goodbye Country(Hello Nightclub"

Tracks: 13, total time: 76:47, year: 2001, genre: electronic

ID3G: 17

1.5:34    River Ocean / Love and happiness' (Sao Benitez Sunrise mix)
2.5:20    Nick Holder / Da Sambafrique
3.5:16    Carlos Rodriguez / Summer in Brazil
4.6:36    Jask presents the Thaisoul orchestra / The latin vision
5.6:29    Kiko Navarro feat. Concha Buika / Up to the sky (Kiko's original vocal mix)
6.5:28    Kassai / Carino (Vidala mix)
7.5:48    Deep fm / Jazz!
8.4:34    Smurf & Perry feat. Concha Buika / Lovin you (Vicenzo's classic clubmix
9.8:01    Hardsoul / La pasion de gozar (original mix)
10.6:00    Atmosfear / Dancing in outer space (fk mix)
11.4:46    Physics / 7 am sessions (thaisol love dub)
12.7:46    Paulo Rocha / Dreamwalker (dancing in our sleep mix)
13.5:14    East west connection / The more i get, the more i want (Teddy's housegroove)

Category: misc - Discid: b411fd0d

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