Charlie Rich

It Ain't Gonna Be That Way - The Complete Smash Sessions

Tracks: 29, total time: 69:34, year: 0, genre:

1.2:18    It Ain't Gonna Be That Way
2.2:05    Party Girl
3.2:34    That's My Way
4.2:34    Just A Little Bit Of You
5.2:07    Something Just Came Over Me
6.2:37    No Home
7.3:07    I Can't Go On
8.2:10    Dance Of Love
9.2:10    Mohair Sam
10.2:33    Man About Town
11.2:23    Rverything I Do Is Wrong
12.2:30    Have I Stayed Away Too Long
13.2:28    Tears A Go-Go
14.2:41    The Best Of Years
15.3:07    A Field Of Yellow Daisies
16.2:46    So Long
17.2:07    Just A Litte Bit Of Time
18.2:16    Blowin' Town
19.2:56    You Can Have Her
20.2:42    I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water
21.2:19    Down And Out
22.2:11    Let The Party Roll On
23.2:08    When My Baby Comes Home
24.2:16    She's A Yum Yum
25.1:58    Double Dog Dare Me
26.2:24    Moonshine Minnie
27.2:27    Hawk Jaw
28.2:06    Lonely Weekends
29.1:48    Santa Claus' Daughter

Category: misc - Discid: b1104c1d

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