Mr. Al

Dance Like This

Tracks: 14, total time: 34:16, year: 2000, genre: Humour

YEAR: 2000 ID3G: 100

1.3:23    I Can't Sit Still
2.2:15    Dance Like This
3.2:29    Rhyme The Rhyme
4.2:29    Rhyme The Rhyme (Instrumental)
5.2:05    At The Swing Set
6.2:47    Exercise Time
7.1:41    Groove And Boogie
8.2:32    Let's Party
9.2:19    A Tooty Ta
10.2:18    A Tooty Ta (Instrumental)
11.2:29    Move Your Body
12.2:59    Doin' The Rooster
13.2:19    Walking Feet
14.2:14    I Think I'm Too Old To Be A Preschool Teacher Blues

Category: misc - Discid: af08060e

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