Pearl Jam

Bridge School Acoustic Concert

Tracks: 13, total time: 60:08, year: , genre:

Recorded Live At Bridge School Benefit, October 1, 1994, Mountaini View California

1.3:39Walking The Cow
2.3:29Small town
4.4:56Daughter (Miss American Pie Reprise)
7.7:37Yellow Ledbetter
8.2:21Let Me Sleep, It's Christmas Time
9.4:49Piece Of Crap / With Neil Young
10.4:08Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay / with S. Cropper (USA, 1993)
11.6:26Cray / With V. Williams (USA October 1993)
12.5:16Daughter / Hey Hey, My My (Saturday Night Live, April 16th, 1994)
13.2:24Won't Back Down / (Pensacola, FL, April, 1994)

Discid: misc / ad0e160d

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