Khalifa Ould Eide & Dimi Mint Abba

Moorish Music from Mauritania

Tracks: 11, total time: 68:00, year: 1990, genre: Ethnic

1.6:19    Waidalal Waidalal
2.7:52    Yar Allahoo
3.5:25    Hassaniya Song For Dancing - Lebleyda Wigsar
4.5:19    Hassaniya Love Poem - Wana Laily Ya Allah
5.8:00    The Tortoise's Song - Ishteeb Laggatri
6.6:22    Independence - Yar Moritani Alek Mubarak Listiqlal
7.8:07    Art's Plume - Sawt Elfan
8.5:14    Oh Lord Bring Apartheid Crashing Down!
9.3:34    Mauritania My Beloved Country - Nikhtar An Kulelawtan Awtani Mauritan
10.5:49    My Young People do the Youth of Nations invite - Ashabab YidieShabab Aldual
11.6:00    Autoot

Category: misc - Discid: ac0fee0b

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