Various Artists

"Fence Collective" Minerals Series (BEN510)

Tracks: 9, total time: 44:58, year: 2005, genre: Electronic

1.2:08Reporter / Seagreen Intro
2.4:40The Pictish Trail / Winter Home Disco
3.2:42Kwaing Creasite / Sayings Enough
4.9:00Pencils / Food etc ... (Live)
5.3:20Kwaing Creasite / You're Jealous
6.3:40Kwaing Creasite and Reporter / Shiny
7.6:06Kwaing Creasite / Baggage Reclaim
8.2:05Kwaing Creasite / Davey Lamps
9.-2:19Kwaing Creasite and Reporter / Owlets

Discid: misc / aa090309

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