AC&M vol 1

Tracks: 14, total time: 48:37, year: 2003, genre: A Cappella

2.2:51Tinh xua (Scaborough fair)
3.3:01Trong Com
4.2:44Silent Night
5.3:00Uptown Girl
6.4:03Mot ngay vang em
7.3:42Bai ca song
8.4:25Phut giao thua
9.3:32Chuyen chang co don
10.5:03Loi to tinh cua mua xuan
11.5:01Trong com
12.3:34Chuyen chang co don - Instrumental
13.4:03Mot ngay vang em - Instrumental
14.1:48Hi - Instrumental

Discid: misc / a90b630e

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