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12 - 92

Tracks: 14, total time: 59:00, year: 1992, genre: Pop

YEAR: 1992

1.3:26Pernilla / C'est Démon
2.3:59Jimmy Nail / Ain't No Doubt
3.4:57Sade / Smooth Operator
4.5:23One More Time / Highland
5.3:42OMD / Sailing On The Seven Seas
6.3:58Tone Norum / Don't Turn Around
7.4:10Crowded House / Weather With You
8.4:13Sophie B. Hawkins / Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover
9.4:37Toto / Don't Chain My Heart
10.3:51Celene Dion / If You Asked Me To
11.4:12Lili & Sussi / Where Eagles Fly
12.4:12Tom Cochrane / Life Is A Highway
13.4:59Foreigner / I Want To Know What Love Is
14.3:23Mike Oldfield / Moonlight Shadow

Discid: misc / a80dd20e

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