A Saucerful of Secrets Vol. 1

Tracks: 11, total time: 76:46, year: 2006, genre: Psychedelic

YEAR: 2006

1.5:01The Strange Flowers - Mars Behind Our Eyes
2.3:16Nixon Now - Shake
3.12:38Causa Sui - Workings of the Great Blue Swells
4.5:01The Pancakes - See Your Face
5.5:19Samavayo - Monster
6.6:32The Kings of Frog Island - Psychomania
7.10:44The Night Patrol - Return to Zero
8.8:59Monsterjam - Stone In
9.4:23Church of Hed - Northern Songs
10.2:50Father Murphy - Tell You A Secret
11.12:03Space Debris - Capitalists Nightmare

Discid: misc / a011fc0b

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