Blue Collar Comedians

Blue Collar Comedy Tour: One For the Road (Disc One)

Tracks: 28, total time: 79:41, year: 2006, genre: Comedy

YEAR: 2006

1.4:27Bill Engvall - I'm an Idiot
2.2:14Bill Engvall - Good American Breakfast
3.2:27Bill Engvall - Scooter to Level 9
4.3:20Bill Engvall - You Need a Massage
5.3:18Bill Engvall - Buying Stuff
6.4:29Bill Engvall - Boarding Our Dogs
7.3:24Ron White - Erectile Dysfunction & Dieting Tips
8.2:30Ron White - Put the Damn Helmet On!
9.3:25Ron White - Indian Reservations & Sanibel Island
10.4:14Ron White - The Don Cesar Hotel
11.4:37Ron White - Eskimos & Grizzlies
12.1:17Ron White - Moussaoui & Sex Offenders
13.2:18Jeff Foxworthy - Cheapest Lasik Surgery
14.1:04Jeff Foxworthy - Redneck Dictionary
15.2:10Jeff Foxworthy - Supermodel or Redneck
16.2:30Jeff Foxworthy - Redneck Fashion Tip #1
17.3:57Jeff Foxworthy - Redneck Fashion Tip #2
18.3:33Jeff Foxworthy - More Fashion Tips
19.3:06Jeff Foxworthy - Tee Shirt Drawer
20.1:21Jeff Foxworthy - Hunting With My Wife
21.1:36Larry the Cable Guy - Amish Girls & Geico Insurance
22.3:04Larry the Cable Guy - Calgary Stampede, Sex Tapes & Weight Loss
23.2:38Larry the Cable Guy - Dating & Marriage
24.2:49Larry the Cable Guy - Fishing
25.1:46Larry the Cable Guy - Hunting Popeyes & PETA
26.2:29Larry the Cable Guy - Bass Pro Shops & Wal-Mart
27.1:29Larry the Cable Guy - That's Embarrassing
28.4:18Larry the Cable Guy - Home Depot

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