Ee-11 Clocks, Bells & Telephones

Tracks: 68, total time: 26:54, year: , genre:

1.1:10    Clock Chime Fortnum And Mason Clock Musical Chime
2.0:20    Clock Chime George Clark Clock Chimes
3.0:28    Clock Chime Bracket Clock Chimes
4.0:15    Clock Chime Thomas Mudge Clock Strikes Two Three Four And Five
5.0:25    Clock Chime Mantle Clock Musical Chimes And Strikes Four
6.0:19    Clock Chime Mantle Clock Chimes 1 4hr 1 2hr And 3 4hr Two Different Clocks
7.0:19    Clock Chime Carriage Clock Ticking And Strikes Twelve Circa 1840
8.0:29    Clock Chime Long Case Clock Chimes Twelve
9.0:15    Clock Chime American Mantelpiece Clock Ticking And Strikes One Eight One Again Nine And Eleven All
10.0:29    Clock Chime Long Case Clock Strikes Eight
11.0:18    Clock Chime Long Case Clock Strikes One Through To Twelve High Pitched Bell
12.0:16    Clock Chime Cuckoo Clock
13.0:37    Clock Chime Cuckoo Clocks Selection
14.0:40    Clock Chime Cuckoo Clocks En Masse
15.0:19    Clock Chime Small Clock Striking Eight
16.0:16    Clock Chime Small Travelling Clock Ringing With Rundown Three Tries
17.0:22    Alarm Clock Alarm Clock Ringing
18.0:08    Alarm Clock Travelling Alarm Clock Ringing
19.0:18    Alarm Clock Alarm Clock Ringing And Stop Twice
20.0:27    Watch Digital Digital Watch Alarm Two Takes
21.1:00    Bells Church Church Bells Pealing Wedding Type
22.0:51    Bells Church Two Church Bells Tolling Dying Down To Single Bell Towards End Of Track
23.1:02    Bells Church Church Of St Peters In Prague Single Heavy Bell Tolling Then Another Joins In
24.0:13    Bells Big Ben Big Ben Chimes 1 4 Hour
25.0:59    Bells Big Ben Big Ben Chimes And Strikes 12
26.0:19    Bells Chapel Chapel Bell In Mid Shot
27.0:20    Bells Monastery Single Monastery Bell Tolling With Light Background Birds
28.0:52    Bells Single Bell Tolling Big And Heavy
29.0:19    Bells Church Bell Church Of St Havels In Prague No End
30.0:11    Bell Fire Alarm Fire Alarm As Heard From Interior Fire Station
31.0:27    Bell Burglar Alarm Burglar Alarm Constant And Stop
32.0:31    Car Alarm Car Alarm Start Run And Stop
33.0:26    Bell Alarm Alarm Bell Constant Run
34.0:11    Bell Alarm Alarm Bell Short And Long Bursts
35.0:16    Bell Alarm Alarm Bell Sounds Dull And Decrepit
36.0:19    Bell Hand Bell Hand Bell Being Struck Fast Warning Bell
37.0:58    Bell Hand Bell Hand Cranked Fire Alarm Bell Interior Slow And Fast
38.0:12    Bell Hand Bell Hand Bell Ringing Muffin Bell
39.0:15    Bell Hand Bell School Handbell Ringing
40.0:26    Telephone Ring Telephone Rings Close Shot And Mid Shot
41.0:47    Telephone Ring American Phone Ringing
42.0:42    Telephone Ring Automatic Phone Ringing
43.0:08    Telephone Ring Manual Phone Ringing In Long Shot
44.0:17    Telephone Ring Phone Ringing
45.0:22    Telephone Ring American Phone Rings
46.0:16    Telephone Ring Princess Phone Ringing
47.0:32    Telephone Ring Phone Rings Could Be A Foreign Phone
48.0:29    Telephone Ring Telephone Ringing
49.0:23    Telephone Ring Digital American Warble Phone Ring
50.0:23    Telephone Ring Digital American Warble Phone Ring
51.0:19    Telephone Ring Digital Telephone Ringing Warble Type
52.0:23    Telephone Ring Digital Car Telephone Ringing
53.0:32    Telephone Ring Digital Warble Phone Ring
54.0:24    Telephone Ring (Futzed) English Phone Ringing As Heard Through Ear Piece
55.0:15    Telephone Ring (Futzed) American Phone Ringing Through Ear Piece
56.0:18    Telephone Ring (Futzed) German Phone Ringing Through Ear Piece
57.0:09    Telephone Movements Telephone Pick Ups And Put Downs Dial Tone Ringing Through Ear Piece Then Phone
58.0:11    Telephone Pickup Put Down Telephone Receiver Picked Up And Put Down With Bell Tinges
59.0:07    Telephone Pickup Put Down Dialing Rotary Belgian Phone Pick Ups And Put Downs Then Pushing Hook The
60.0:21    Telephone Dialing Rotary American Phone Close Dialling Then Engaged Tone
61.0:18    Telephone Dialing Rotary Phone Box Coin In Dialling And Coin Drop
62.0:14    Telephone Dialing Rotary Phone Rapid Clicking As Number Is Dialled
63.0:15    Telephone Dialing Rotary English Phone Being Dialled
64.0:24    Telephone Dialing Rotary Phone Pick Up Dialling And Put Down
65.0:16    Telephone Clicking (Futzed) Telephone Clicking As Heard Through Receiver
66.0:08    Telephone Clicking (Futzed) Answer Phone Clicks Then Skip And Beep As Heard Through Telephone Ear P
67.0:07    Dialing (Futzed) Push Button Push Button Dialling As Heard Through Ear Piece
68.0:05    Payphone Insert Money Money In Pay Phone

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