Pop For Violon 7

Kiss From A Rose

Tracks: 25, total time: 70:46, year: 2013, genre: Pop

1.2:58Seal / Kiss From A Rose
2.2:57Gazebo / I Like Chopin
3.3:40Lena / Stardust
4.2:45Cindy Lauper / Time After Time
5.3:09Lykke Li / I Follow Rivers
6.2:26Traditional / Kasatschok
7.2:04Hugh Laurie / Swanee River
8.2:13Louis Armstrong / What A Wonderful World
9.3:56Phil Collins / Another Day In Paradise
10.3:53Lana Del Rey / Summertime Sadness
11.2:09Gabriel Koeppen / Chill-Out
12.2:39Adele / Rolling In The Deep
13.3:02Seal / Kiss From A Rose (Playback)
14.3:01Gazebo / I Like Chopin (Playback)
15.3:45Lena / Stardust (Playback)
16.2:48Cindy Lauper / Time After Time (Playback)
17.3:13Lykke Li / I Follow Rivers (Playback)
18.2:33Traditional / Kasatschok (Playback)
19.2:12Hugh Laurie / Swanee River (Playback)
20.2:20Louis Armstrong / What A Wonderful World (Playback)
21.4:02Phil Collins / Another Day In Paradise (Playback)
22.3:58Lana Del Rey / Summertime Sadness (Playback)
23.2:13Gabriel Koeppen / Chill-Out (Playback)
24.2:44Adele / Rolling In The Deep (Playback)
25.0:13n/a / Stimmton a' (440 Hz)

Discid: misc / 94109419

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