Various Artists

1 Year - Dance (Fax Compilation)

Tracks: 10, total time: 70:58, year: , genre:

1.8:04If Only You Could See... (Namlook)
2.6:31Eternal Spirit (Northern Mix) (Namlook)
3.9:28A Trip to Paradise (Namlook/DJ Criss)
4.5:24Music Hypnotizes (Hypnotizing Mix) (Namlook/Maurice)
5.6:07With a Medium Into Trance (Drop Out Mix) (Namlook/F.E.O.S)
6.10:11Putney Dust (Namlook/Rehberg)
7.7:59Delargo 1 (1 Year - Dance Edit) (Cox/Vivona)
8.6:05mans, mentis (lex durus Mix) (Namlook/DJ Brainwave)
9.5:18I'm a Secretary (Namlook/Heart)
10.5:51Move (Namlook)

Discid: misc / 9210a00a

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