The Doors

American Prayer

Tracks: 11, total time: 45:44, year: , genre:

1.7:13Awake - Ghost Song - Dawn's Highway - Newborn Awakening
2.1:06To Come of Age
3.2:49Black Polished Chrome - Latino Chrome
4.3:25Angels and Sailors
5.1:36Stoned Immaculate
6.1:38The Poet's Dreams - The Movie
7.1:57Curses, Invocation
8.12:08World on Fire - American Night - Roadhouse Blues - The World on Fire - Lament - The Hitchhiker
9.6:55An American Prayer - Hour for Magic - Freedom Exists - A Feast of Friends
10.2:46Babylon Fading - Bird of Prey
11.4:11The Ghost Song

Discid: misc / 910ab60b

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