Barling Collins (BC)

Puberty and Justice for All

Tracks: 12, total time: 37:20, year: 2004, genre: Alternative

1.3:43    Go to Hell
2.4:57    Uncle Jerry's Nasty Granny
3.1:47    The Whole Enchilada
4.3:26    Jackal of Love
5.2:10    (That's Right) I'm Looking at Your Girlfriend
6.2:41    Sid
7.2:30    Goalie Host
8.3:54    Whatever You Want
9.2:58    Beaver
10.4:46    Cry 4th Amendment
11.3:56    American as Fuck
12.0:32    Bonus: Ninja Shave

Category: misc - Discid: 8e08be0c

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