Billy Daniel Bunter

[MMCD009] 25 Years of Billy Daniel Bunter - Disk1 (4 Aces, Tasco's, Bagleys) [2015]

Tracks: 28, total time: 77:43, year: 2015, genre: Hardcore

1.3:34Macka Brown / Dub Plate Style (Mix 1)
2.1:48Twin Head / U Said U
3.3:37The House Crew / Maniac (Hyper Mix)
4.1:34DJ Nex / Respect Is Due
5.2:00Justice & Mercy / Fake Lobsters
6.3:59The House Crew / We Are Hardcore (Magic Fantasy Mix)
7.2:49Justice & Mercy / Soothe My Soul
8.2:15Manix / Alright Wid Me
9.4:06The House Crew / Euphoria (Nino’s Dream Remix)
10.2:07Ramos & Supreme / Crowd Control
11.2:19The Moog / Jungle Muffin
12.1:29Nookie / The Sound Of Music
13.3:15Ellis Dee, DJ Krome & Mr Time / Free The Feeling
14.3:34SMD / SMD#2A
15.1:28SMD / SMD#4A
16.1:53SMD / SMD#1AA
17.4:10Ramos, Supreme & Sunset Regime Ft Donna Grassie / Sunshine
18.1:53Bass Selective / Blow Out (Part 2)
19.3:19DJ Krome & Mr Time / The Slammer
20.2:17DJ Red Alert & Pepsi / Don Gorgon Sound
21.2:35Citadel Of Kaos / Ronnies Revenge
22.2:28Fat Controller / In Complete Darkness
23.4:00Ramos & Supreme / The Journey Part 1
24.2:34Ramos, Supreme & Sunset Regime Ft Donna Grassie / Gotta Believe
25.1:51DJ Slam / Looking In The Light
26.3:15Phuture Assassins / Root’s N Future (Reflections In Dub)
27.2:37DJ Unity / Keep It Coming
28.5:06DJ Vibes / Obsession (Music’s So Wonderful)

Discid: misc / 8d12351c

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