Hunter S. Thompson

The Gonzo Tapes [4 Gonzo Gridlock 1973-1974]

Tracks: 28, total time: 75:32, year: 2008, genre: Speech

1.3:40    "This microphone wound up beneath something down there."
2.3:17    "There's signs of group hysteria in the passengers."
3.0:57    "Some are just weeping now."
4.4:04    "Well, the beauty of the whole thing..."
5.3:34    "It's March 30; actually March 31."
6.4:28    "The piece was interupted; the piece ended here because the telephone went out."
7.0:54    "Have found Thompson, he's with Kissinger."
8.4:00    "They still can't reach me."
9.3:07    "The story is Fear And Loathing In Acapulco."
10.2:06    "Telephone call between Duke and Gonzo."
11.3:33    "The girls are laughing."
12.2:34    "Here's the first symptom of this goddamn evil drug."
13.2:05    "I've done what most people would consider an excessive amount of coke."
14.2:08    "This is Wednesday night, the third day of our cocaine experiment."
15.2:09    "I would not be inclined."
16.2:01    "There appears to be some minimal but at least noticable physical or erotic quality to it."
17.3:27    "June 28. I think it's a Friday."
18.2:12    "We're out here, it's, uh, I don't know what time it is, sometime early in the morning."
19.1:56    "Yeah, we should just relax for a second."
20.3:30    "Lying down on the bed in this stinking little room."
21.1:58    "I have every reason to believe that we won't see the fight tonight."
22.1:08    "Fiendish. The thing is so bad there's no way to write a story about it."
23.2:01    "Tomorrow morning at 6 o'clock in the hotel lobby...many uglylittle weird scores settled."
24.1:05    "There's no way that you can conceive whats going to happen to us tonight."
25.1:32    "...called a meeting here."
26.3:55    "I realize it's difficult this time of night."
27.4:52    "We really have no tickets."
28.3:30    "Ladies and gentlemen, the captain has turned on the seat belt sign."

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