Depeche Mode

Cosmic Blues

Tracks: 10, total time: 69:37, year: 2000, genre: Pop

1.4:56    Blue Dress (Secret Mix)
2.6:00    Here is The House (Orchestral Mix)
3.5:49    Insight (Organic Mix)
4.10:26    Barrel Of A Gun (Development Mix)
5.4:05    Coming Back To You (Forest Mix)
6.8:52    Dangerous (Sad Mix)
7.6:33    Only When I Lose Myself (Mysterious Mix)
8.7:31    It's No Good (Deep Mix)
9.7:13    The Love Thieves (Orchestral Mix)
10.8:12    Freestate (Rhythm 'N' Blues Mix)

Category: misc - Discid: 85104f0a

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