2018 Rainbow Chaser: the 60s recordings (The Island Years), CD2

Tracks: 25, total time: 79:05, year: 2018, genre: Space Psychedelic Rock

1.2:39Rainbow Chaser
2.4:02Tiny Godess
3.2:59The Touchables (All Of Us)
4.2:40Melanie Blue
6.2:40The Show Must Go On
7.2:40Girl In The Park
8.2:47Miami Masquerade
9.2:28Frankie The Great
10.3:17You Can Try It
11.2:01Everybody Loves The Clown
12.4:20St. John's Wood Affair
13.3:10Oh! What A Performance (45 'A' side)
14.2:50Darling Darlane (45 'B' side)
15.2:47Rainbow Chaser (Without phasing)
16.3:16The Touchables (All Of Us) (Instrumental take 23)
17.2:33The Show Must Go On (Vocal & Bouzouki version)
18.2:52Frankie The Greqat (Alternative version Take 6)
19.3:39You Can Try It (Alternative version Take 7)
20.2:15Everybody Loves The Clown (Alternative take)
21.2:54The Touchables (All Of Us) (Female vocals)
22.3:04Excerpt From ''The Blind & The Beautiful'' (Alternative take)
23.5:27Black Flower (Alternative take)
24.6:29Love Suite (Instrumental take 1)
25.2:36Melanie Blue (2017 New recording)

Discid: misc / 7c128719

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