Live acoustic at Club 22, Athens, Greece - 20 dec. 2003 (CD2/2)

Tracks: 10, total time: 45:55, year: 2003, genre: Metal

1.5:00    Wish you were here (Pink Floyd cover)
2.4:45    Temporary peace
3.8:07    Flying
4.0:23    (Encore Break)
5.4:25    Wasted Years (Iron Maiden cover)
6.4:24    One (Metallica cover)
7.4:33    Exit Music for a film (Radiohead cover)
8.4:33    Morning Theft (Jeff Buckley cover)
9.2:22    Norwegian wood (Beatles cover)
10.7:23    Comfortably numb (Pink Floyd cover)

Category: misc - Discid: 7a0ac10a

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