Depeche Mode

(Maxi) World In My Eyes [ALCB-159]

Tracks: 10, total time: 58:51, year: 1990, genre: Electronic

Japanese release

1.4:03World in my eyes (Single version)
2.5:01Happiest girl (Jack mix)
3.4:46Sea of sin (Tonal mix)
4.7:33World in my eyes (Oil tank mix)
5.6:20Happiest girl (Kiss-a-mix)
6.6:09Sea of sin (Sensoria)
7.6:58World in my eyes (Dub in my eyes)
8.6:35World in my eyes (Mode to joy)
9.6:31Happiest girl (The pulsating orbital mix)
10.4:56World in my eyes (Mayhem mode)

Discid: misc / 710dc90a

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