Garnet Mimms

Cry Baby + Warm And Soulful

Tracks: 26, total time: 72:35, year: 1995, genre: Soul

YEAR: 1995

1.3:29    Cry Baby
Yesterday: 15.09.1995
2.2:16    Nobody But You
Yesterday: 13.10.1995
3.3:22    Until You Were Gone
4.2:59    Anytime You Want Me
5.2:13    So Close
6.3:04    For Your Precious Love
Yesterday: 10.11.1995
7.3:30    Baby Don't You Weep
8.2:25    A Quiet Place
9.2:25    Cry To Me
10.3:06    Don't Change Your Heart
11.2:38    Wanting You
12.2:38    The Truth Hurts
13.3:20    I´ll Take Good Care Of You
14.2:26    Looking For You
15.3:13    It Won't Hurt (Half As Much)
16.2:51    It Was Easier To Hurt Her
17.2:16    Thinkin'
18.2:14    Prove It To Me
19.3:31    More Than A Miracle
20.2:44    As Long As I Have You
21.3:04    One Girl
22.2:24    There Goes My Baby
23.2:51    It's Just A Matter Of Time
24.2:23    A Little Bit Of Soap
25.2:34    Look Away
26.2:47    I'll Make It Up To You

Category: misc - Discid: 7011011a

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