Henry Purcell

The Fairy Queen - Dido and Aeneas

Tracks: 26, total time: 79:12, year: 1971, genre: Classical

1.6:54    Symphony
2.2:43    Now the night is chas'd away
3.2:06    Let the fifes and the clarions
4.2:51    When a cruel long Winter
5.2:17    Hail! great parent
6.2:49    Thus the ever grateful Spring
7.1:15    Here's the Summer, springly, gay
8.3:02    See, my many-coloured fields
9.2:59    Next, Winter comes slowly
10.2:23    Hail! great parent
11.2:33    Prelude
12.1:58    The Songsters
13.2:15    Echo
14.6:37    Fill up the bowl, then
15.5:24    See, even Night herself is here
16.0:43    I am come to lock all fast
17.2:16    One charming night
18.4:05    Hush, no more
19.1:33    Dance
20.1:45    Overture
21.2:41    If love's a sweet passion
22.7:51    The Plaint: O let me weep, for ever weep!
23.3:44    Now the maids and the men
24.0:56    A Dance of Haymakers
25.3:07    A thousand, thousand ways
26.2:31    Hornpipe & Rondeau

Category: misc - Discid: 64128e1a

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