Various Artists


Tracks: 9, total time: 66:20, year: 2004, genre: Psychedelic Trance

1.8:41GMS / "Tweakers" (Dual Head Remix)
2.6:20GMS vs. Skazi / "Shagadelic" (Amanda Mix)
3.6:54GMS vs. Talamasca / "High Vibe"
4.7:36GMS vs. Wrecked Machines / "Growling Machines"
5.9:15GMS / "Juice" (Cortex Remix)
6.6:58GMS / "Look Out"
7.6:34GMS / "150%"
8.6:41GMS / "D-Sound"
9.7:22GMS / "Happy Trails"

Discid: misc / 640f8a09

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