"Romance Romance: Two New Musicals" Original Broadway Cast

Romance Romance: Two New Musicals

Tracks: 26, total time: 69:06, year: 1995, genre: Stage & Sc

1.3:56    The Little Comedy
2.3:13    Letters/Goodbye, Emil
3.3:19    It's Not Too Late
4.1:11    Great News
5.3:03    Oh, What A Performance!
6.3:57    I'll Always Remember The Song
7.1:53    Happy, Happy, Happy
8.2:09    Women Of Vienna
9.2:22    Yes, It's Love
10.3:25    A Rustic Country Inn
11.3:40    The Night It Had To End
12.1:32    The Little Comedy (Finale)
13.2:02    Summer Share
14.3:51    Think Of The Odds
15.3:33    It's Not Too Late (Reprise)
16.0:58    Plans A & B
17.1:51    Let's Not Talk About It
18.3:36    So Glad I Married Her
19.1:29    Small Craft Warnings
20.3:11    How Did I End Up Here?
21.3:51    Words He Doesn't Say
22.1:31    My Love For You
23.1:47    Moonlight Passing Through A Window
24.1:30    Now
25.4:07    Romantic Notions
26.2:05    Romance! Romance!

Category: misc - Discid: 6210301a

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