Bob and Ray - The Two And Only

Tracks: 9, total time: 56:25, year: , genre:

1.5:05    Overture: Wally Ballou and Hector Lassie; Inreductory REnarksl Wally Ballou and the Cranberry Man
2.7:12    Komodo Dragon; Gabe Preston #1
3.5:48    Beautiful Face; Gabe Preston #2
4.5:40    Larry Lovebreath Show #1; Barry Campbell
5.3:42    Slow Talkers of America
6.6:17    Larry Lovebreath Shpw #2; Dog Trainer; Grand Canyon Public Service Announcement; Truffle Hunter
7.4:13    Buff Burns and Stuffy Hodgson
8.14:16    In Depth News; Hap Watney, Sore Loser; David Chetly; Money Announcement; Corrupt Mayor; Gabe Preston #3
9.4:13    Curtain Call; Encores; Children's Menu; McBeeBee Twin

Category: misc - Discid: 610d3709

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