Amy Winehouse

Back to back

Tracks: 22, total time: 70:40, year: 2007, genre: pop

2.4:20You know Im no good
3.2:36Me and Mr Jones
4.3:16Just friends
5.4:04Back to black
6.2:38Love Is a losing game
7.3:09Tears dry on their own
8.3:45Wake up alone
9.2:25Some unholy war
10.2:49He can only hold her
13.4:20You know Im no good
14.2:36Me and Mr Jones
15.3:16Just friends
16.4:04Back to black
17.2:38Love Is a losing game
18.3:09Tears dry on their own
19.3:45Wake up alone
20.2:25Some unholy war
21.2:49He can only hold her

Discid: misc / 58108e16

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