Made In Sweden

Tracks: 25, total time: 56:14, year: , genre:

1.0:16    Greetings From Sweden (Abba)
2.1:22    When I Kissed The Teacher (Live excerpt)
3.0:58    Being a Hep Star (Benny)
4.2:50    Hova Vittne
5.0:35    Working Together (Bj√∂rn)
6.3:19    Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (Live from Dick Cavett meets ABBA)
7.4:31    Super Trouper (Live from Dick Cavett meets ABBA)
8.0:57    The start of ABBA (Frida)
9.3:53    Slipping Through My Fingers (instrumental)
10.1:15    Eurovision Song Contest (Bjorn)
11.3:53    Under Attack (Live version)
12.0:40    The influences (Bjorn)
13.3:39    Dream World
14.0:41    Frida's childhood (Frida)
15.6:37    I Have A Dream (Live from Japan)
16.0:36    Agnetha's early years (Agnetha)
17.2:42    On Top Of Old Smokey (Fake edit)
18.0:37    ABBA on tour (Benny)
19.4:53    The Day Before You Came (alternate ending)
20.0:27    Divorce (Bjorn)
21.4:44    When All Is Said And Done (instrumental)
22.0:24    The magic of a song (Bjorn)
23.2:16    Tivedshambo (Live version)
24.0:12    The end (Stikkan)
25.4:07    Dancing Queen (U2 Live with B&B in Stockholm)

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