Malleo Metalum (Vocatus Feritatis MMXXI)

Tracks: 8, total time: 31:13, year: 2021, genre: Power Metal

Metal Hammer Juli 2021 YEAR: 2021

1.3:33Beast Of Gévaudan
2.3:38Demons Are A Girl‘s Best Friend
(feat. Alissa White-Gluz)
3.4:30Army Of The Night (live)
(Wolfsnächte 2018, Live)
4.4:02Coleus Sanctus (live)
(Wolfsnächte 2018, Live)
5.4:49Let There Be Night (live)
(Wolfsnächte 2018, Live)
6.3:34Beast of Gévaudan (Orchestral Version)
(Orchestral Version)
7.3:35Stronger Than The Sacrament
8.3:32Midnight Madonna

Discid: misc / 53074f08

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