Madonna meets Kylie

Divas Special

Tracks: 22, total time: 73:24, year: , genre:

1.0:13Madonna meets Kylie / Intro
2.4:01Madonna / Vogue
3.4:00Kylie Minogue / Come into my world
4.3:00Madonna / Music
5.3:58Madonna / Express Yourself
6.3:27Kylie Minogue / Can't get you out of my head
7.3:28Madonna / Holiday
8.2:43Kylie Minogue / Hand on your heart
9.3:19Madonna / Die another day
10.3:04Kylie Minogue / Step back in time
11.3:40Madonna / Deeper and Deeper
12.2:41Kylie Minogue / Spinning around
13.4:09Madonna / Secret
14.3:24Kylie Minogue / Love at first sight
15.3:39Madonna / Nothing really matters
16.3:24Madonna / Into the groove
17.2:54Kylie Minogue / In your Eyes
18.3:22Madonna / What it feels like for a girl
19.3:07Madonna / American Pie
20.3:55Madonna / Don't tell me
21.3:05Kylie Minogue / Got to be certain
22.4:58Madonna / Justify my Love

Discid: misc / 52113216

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