Tracks: 7, total time: 45:59, year: 1984, genre: Rock

1998 EMI Remastered Edition YEAR: 1984

1.7:02    Assassing

I am the assassin, with tongue forged from eloquence

I am the assassin, providing your nemesis

On the sacrificial altar to success, my friend

Unleash a stranger from a kiss, my friend

No incantations of remorse, my friend

Unsheathe the blade within the voice, my friend

Who decorates the scarf with the fugi knot

Who camouflaged emotion in a thousand yard stare

Who gouged the notches from the family tree

Who hypnotised the guilt in career rhythm trance

Assassing, assassing, assassing, assassing

Listen as the syllables of slaughter cat with calm


Patterned frosty phrases rape your ears and sow

the ice incision

Apocalyptic alphabet casting spell the creedof

tempered diction

Adjectives of annihilation bury the point beyond


Venomous verbs of ruthless candour plagiarise

assassins fervour

A friend in need is a friend that bleeds

Let bitter silence infect the wound

You were a sentimental mercenary in a free

fire zone

Parading a Hollywood conscience

You were a fashionable objector with a uniform


Pavlovian slaver at the cash till ring of success

A non com observer- I assassin the collector -


So you resigned yourself to failure, my friend

And I emerged the chilling stranger, my friend

To eradicate the problem, my friend

Unsheathe the blade within the voice

I am the assassin

I am the assassin

And what do you call assassins who accuse

assassins anyway, my friend?
2.3:22    Punch & Judy

Washing machine, pinstripe dream

Stripped the gloss from a beauty queen

Found our nest, in the Daily Express

Met the vicar in a holy vest

Brought up the children Church of E

Now I vegetate with a colour TV

Worst ever thingthat ever happened to me

Oh, for D.I.V.O.R.C.E., oh Judy

Whatever happened to pillow fights

Whatever happened to jeans so tight, Friday nights

Whatever happened to lover's lane

Whatever happened to passion games

Sunday walks in the pouring rain

Curling tongs, mogadons

"I got a headache baby, don't take so long"

Single beds, middle age dread

Losing the war in the Waistlands spread

Who left the cap of the toothpaste tube

Who forgot to flushthe loo

Leave your sweaty socks outside the door

Don't walk across my polished floor, oh Judy

Whatever happened to morning smiles

Whatever happened to wicked wiles,

permissive styles

Whatever happened to twinkling eyes,

hard fast drives

Complements on unnatural size

Propping up a bar, family car

Sweating out a mortgage as a balding clerk

World war three, suburbanshee

Just slip her these pills and I'll be free

No more Judy, Judy, Judyno more

Goodbye Judy
3.6:50    Jigsaw

We are jigsaw pieces aligned on the perimeter edge

Interlocked through a missing piece

We are renaissance children becalmed

beneath the Bridge of Sighs

Forever throwing firebrands at the stonework

We are Siamese children related by the heart

Bleeding from the surgery of initial confrontation

Holding the word scalpels on trembling lips

Stand straight, look me in the eye and say goodbye

Stand straight, we've drifted past the point of

reasons why
EXTT2=nYesterday starts tomorrow, tomorrow starts today

And the problem always seems to be we're picking

up the pieces on the ricochet

Drowning tequila sunsets, stowaways on midnight


Refugees of romance plead asylum fromthe real

Scrambling distress signals on random frequencies

Forever repatriated on guilt laden morning planes

We are pilots of passion sweating the flight on


To another summit conference, another breakfast

time divorceEXTT2=n
Screaming out a ceasefire, snow-blind in an

avalanche zone

Stand straight, look me in the eye and say goodbye

Stand straight, we've drifted past the point of

reasons why

Yesterday starts tomorrow, tomorrow starts today

And the problem always seems to be we're

picking up the pieces on the ricochet

Are we trigger happy?

Russian roulette in the waiting room

Empty chambers embracing the end

Puzzled visions haunt the ripples of a trevi moon

Dream coins for the fountain or to cover your eyes

We reached ignition point from the sparks of


We sensed the smoke advancing from horizons

You must have known that I was concealing an


Stand straight, look me in the eye and say goodbye, say goodbye

Stand straight, we've drifted past the point of

reasons why

Yesterday starts tomorrow, tomorrow starts today,

starts today

And the problem always seems to be we're

picking up the pieces

On the ricochet, this is the ricochet.
4.5:09    Emerald lies

To be the prince of possession in the gallery of


Suffering your indiscreet discretions and

you ask me to relent

As you accumulate flirtations with the calculated

calmness of the whore

I am the harlequin- diamonded costume dripping

shades of green

I am the harlequin - sense strangers violate my


Prowl my dreams

Plundering your diaries, I'll steal your thoughts


Ravaging your letters, unearth your plots innocence

To don the robes of Torquemada, resurrect the


In that tortured subtle manner inflict questions

within questions

Looking in shades of green through shades of blue

I trust you trust in meto mistrust you

Through the Silk Cut haze to the smeared mascara

A 40 watt sun on a courtroom drama

And the coffee stains gather till the pale kimono

Set the wedding rings dancing on the cold linoleum

And accusations moths that circle on the light

Char their wings and spiral senseless suicidal flight

You packed your world within a suitcase, hot tears

melt this icy palace

Dissolve a crystal swallowed by the night

Looking in shades of green through shades of blue

Looking in shades of green through shades of blue
5.6:53    She chameleon

Sheltering her ego on the edge of a floodlit arc

She'll contemplate seduction, she'll calculate

the catch

When she moved, her presence speared me

When she spoke, her words ensnared me

Watch the lizard, watch the lizard,

Watch the lizard with the crimson veil

She crucified my heart in the depth of a satin grave

As I lay in sweating monologue I sensed the

lovelight fade

Within the spiral of the cigarette

You betrayed your bedside etiquette

I saw the lizard, I saw the lizard

I touched the lizard with the crimson veil

I've seen a different doorway shut a million

times before

The smiling she chameleon, the smiling vinyl


They know what they want, theysing your name

And glide between the sheets

I never say no, in chemical glow we'll let our

bodies meet

So was it just a fuck, was it just a fuck,

just another fuck I said

Loving just for laughs, carnal autograph,

lying on a lizard's bed

So was it just a fuck, was it just a fuck,

just another fuck I bled

Degraded and alone, raped and still forlorn

Betrayed on a lizard's bed

We chameleon, we chameleon, we chameleon
6.8:31    Incubus

When footlights dim in reverence to prescient

passion forewarned

My audience leaves the stage, floating ahead

perfumed shift

Within the stammering silence, the face that

launched a thousand frames

Betrayed by a porcelain tear, a stained career

You played this scene before, you played

this scene before

I the mote in your eye, I the mote in your eye

A misplaced reaction

The darkroom unleashes imagination

in pornographic images

In which you will always be the star,

always be the star, untouchable

Unapproachable, constant in the darkness

Nursing an erection, a misplaced reaction

With no flower to place before this gravestone

And the walls become enticingly newspaper thin

But that would be developing the negative view

And you have to be exposed in voyeuristic colour

The public act, let you model your shame

On the mannequin catwalk, catwalk

Let the cats walk, and the cat walksEXTT5=n

I've played this scene before, I've played

this scene before

I the mote in your eye, I the mote in your eye

A misplaced reaction, satisfaction

You can't brush me under the carpet,

you can't hide me under the stairs

The custodian of your private fears,

your leading actor of yesteryear

Who as you crawled out of the alleys of obscurity

Sentenced to rejection in the morass of anonymity

You who I directed with lovers will,

you who I lethypnotise the lens

You who I let bathe in the spotlights glare

You who wiped me from your memory like a

greasepaint mask

Just like a greasepaint mask

But now I'm the snake in the grass,

the ghost of film reels past
EXTT5=nI'm the producer of your nightmare and

the performance has just begun

It's just begun

Your perimeter of courtiers jerk like celluloid puppets

As you stutter paralysed with rabbits eyes,

searing the shadows

Floodingthe wings, to pluck elusive salvation

from the understudy's lips

Retrieve the soliloquy, maintain the obituary

My cue line in the last act and you wait in

silent solitude

Waiting for the prompt, waiting for the prompt

You've played this scene before
7.8:10    Fugazi

Vodka intimate, an affair with isolation in

a Blackheath cell

Extinguishing the fires in a private hell

Provoking the heartache to renew the licence

Of a bleeding heart poet in a fragile capsule

Propping up the crust of the glitter conscience

Wrapped in the christening shawl of a hangover

Baptised in the tears from the real

Drowning in the liquid seize on the Piccadilly line,

rat race

Scuttling through the damp electric labyrinth

Caress Ophelia's hand with breathstroke ambition

An albatross in the marrytime tradition

Sheathed within the Walkman wear

the halo of distortion

Aural contraceptive aborting pregnant conversation

She turned the harpoon and it pierced my heart

She hung herself around my neck

From the Time-Life-Guardians in their conscience


Safe and dry in my sea of troubles

Nine to five with suitable ties

Cast adrift as their side-show, peepshow,

stereo hero

Becalm bestill, bewitch, drowning in the real

The thief of Baghdad hides in Islington now

Praying deportation for his sacred cow

A legacy of romance from a twilight world

The dowry of a relative mystery girl

A Vietnamese flower, a Dockland union

A mistress of release from a magazine's thighs

Magdalenes contracts more than favours

The feeding hands of western promise hold her

by the throat

A son of a swastika of '45 parading a peroxide


Graffiti conjure disciples testaments of hatred

Aerosol wands whisper where the searchlights

trim the barbed wire hedges

This is Brixton chess

A knight for Embankment folds his newspaper castle

A creature of habit, begs theboatman's coin

He'll fade with old soldiers in the grease stained

roll call

And linger with the heartburn of Good Friday's last


Son watches father scan obituary columns

in search of absent school friends

While his generation digests high fibre ignorance

Cowering behind curtains and the taped up

painted windows

Decriminalised genocide, provided door to

door Belsens

Pandora's box of holocausts gracefully cruising

satellite infested heavens

Waiting, the season of the button,

the penultimate migration

Radioactive perfumes, for the fashionably,

for the terminally insane, insane

Do you realise? Do you realise?

Do you realise, this world istotally fugazi

Where are the prophets,

where are the visionaries,

where are the poets

To breach the dawn of the sentimental mercenary

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