The Sound Stage Orchestra with the Children's Showcase Singers/ The Best 101 Children's Songs (Disc 2)

Tracks: 38, total time: 61:05, year: 1988, genre: Other

1.1:23He's GotTthe Whole World
2.0:30Hey Diddle Diddle
3.0:43Hickory Dickory Dock
4.2:16Home on the Range
5.0:31Humpty Dumpty
6.2:56I'm a Little Teapot
7.1:45In the Good Old Summertime
8.1:35It's a Small World
9.1:52I've Been Working on the Railroad
10.1:56I Wish I Wuz
11.1:30Jack and Jill
12.1:53Lazy Mary
13.1:55Listen to the Mockingbird
14.0:31Little Bo Peep
15.1:16Little Brown Jug
16.1:10Little jack Horner
17.1:43Little Liza Jane
18.1:05Little Miss Muffet
19.1:24London Bridges
20.1:50Long, Long Ago
21.1:41Make Believe
22.1:30Man on the Flying Trapeze
23.1:03Mary Had a Little Lamb
24.2:13Mickey Mouse Theme
25.2:05Muffin Man
26.2:31Mulberry Bush
27.1:39My Bonnie
28.1:36Number Song
29.1:52Oh Dear What Can the Matter Be
30.1:29Old Gray Mare
31.2:05Old Mac Donald
32.2:03On Top of Old Smokey
33.1:46O' Susanna
34.1:24Over the River
35.1:32Pawpaw Patch
36.1:29Polly Wolly Doodle
37.1:38Pop Goes the Weasel
38.1:57Red River Valley

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