Michael Jackson

2009 - Hello World- The Motown Solo Collection [CD 3]

Tracks: 24, total time: 78:06, year: 2009, genre: Pop

YEAR: 2009

1.2:41When I Come Of Age
2.2:48Teenage Symphony
3.3:05I Hear A Symphony
4.3:26Give Me Half A Chance
5.3:12Love's Gone Bad
6.2:42Lonely Teardrops
7.3:18You're Good For Me
8.3:26That's What Love Is Made Of
9.2:59I Like You The Way You Are (Don't Change Your Love On Me)
10.2:53Who's Lookin' For A Lover
11.3:21I Was Made To Love Her
12.3:06If'N I Was God
13.4:12To Make My Father Proud (Original Mix)
14.2:45Here I Am (Come And Take Me) (Original Mix)
15.3:18Twenty-Five Miles (Original Mix)
16.3:03Don't Let It Get You Down
17.3:31You've Really Got A Hold On Me
19.2:48Touch The One You Love
20.3:12Girl You're So Together
21.4:24Farewell My Summer Love
22.3:40Call On Me
23.2:57Here I Am (Come And Take Me)
24.4:02To Make My Father Proud

Discid: misc / 40124c18

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