Linkin Park

Project Revolution (Remixes)

Tracks: 21, total time: 74:46, year: 2004, genre: Alternative

1.4:05    It's Going Down (With.Xecutioners)
2.4:07    One Step Closer (Cut Off Instrumental Project)
3.2:35    Crawling (Down Beat Instrumental Project)
4.7:59    In The End (Club Remix)
5.4:04    Crawling (Instrumental Version)
6.4:25    By Myself (Marilyn Manson Remix)
7.0:07    Mike
8.2:36    Cure For The Itch (Hydrid Theory Version)
9.2:24    Session
10.6:22    The End (Techno Remix)
11.2:50    Hit The Floor (Noise Instrumental Project)
12.3:56    Giving In (With. Adema)
13.3:45    A Place For My Head (Long Down Vocal Instrumental Project)
14.3:17    Giving Under Me
15.2:33    WUR4 The Ich (Reanimation Version)
16.3:29    In The End (Down Mix Instrumental Project)
17.3:11    Papercut (Rewing Instrumental Project)
18.3:36    Somewhere I Belong
19.3:07    Numb
20.3:29    Unda
21.2:56    From The Inside

Category: misc - Discid: 37118415

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