Kenneth Sewell with Clint Richmond. Narrated by Brian Emerson./ Red Star Rogue: The Untold Story of a Soviet Submarine's Nuclear Strike Attempt on the U.S. CD06

Tracks: 22, total time: 71:46, year: 2005, genre: Speech

1.3:03CD06 Track01
2.4:02CD06 Track02
3.3:57CD06 Track03
4.3:09CD06 Track04
5.3:09CD06 Track05
6.3:05CD06 Track06
7.2:58CD06 Track07
8.3:06CD06 Track08
9.2:45CD06 Track09
10.3:05CD06 Track10
11.3:00CD06 Track11
12.2:58CD06 Track12
13.3:00CD06 Track13
14.2:59CD06 Track14
15.4:26CD06 Track15
16.4:06CD06 Track16
17.3:02CD06 Track17
18.2:54CD06 Track18
19.3:12CD06 Track19
20.3:01CD06 Track20
21.3:04CD06 Track21
22.3:52CD06 Track22

Discid: misc / 3010d016

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