Belorussian Central Police Band of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Belorussian Central Police Band

Tracks: 19, total time: 70:39, year: 2002, genre: Other

1.6:14D. Shostakovich / Festive Ouverture
2.3:27S. Gorin / March "Independence Day"
3.2:36A. Pakhmutova / Belovezhskaya pushcha
4.4:16S. Gorin / Belorussian Fantasy
5.2:45J. Shtruass / Perpetual
6.4:32M. Jackson / You are not alone
7.4:36J. Kaccini / Ave Maria
8.1:05Belorussian / Folk Song "The Black Daw"
9.3:02C. Korea / Spain. Fiesta
10.7:06S. Gorin / The European Walks
11.3:48F. Mercury / Friends will be friends
12.2:55Italian Song / O sole, mio
13.1:54Belorussian Folks Song / Viane Ruta
14.3:32S. Gorin / Take Five in an Belorussian Manner
15.6:25S. Gorin / From Blues to Rock'n'Roll
16.2:53G. Garanian / Mocker
17.3:24V. Matveichuk / Vatra
18.3:52F. Sartori / Time to say Good bye
19.2:25Belorussian Central Police Band of the Ministry of Internal Affairs /Be healthy live rich and Belorussian dance "Lyavonikha"

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