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Tracks: 21, total time: 62:14, year: 2008, genre: Misc

2.1:50PEOPLE: Who exactly is... David Suzuki? (p. 6)
3.1:53WORLD VIEW: Konichiwa, Kylie? (p. 10)
4.2:21TRAVEL: The Scots language: a wee guide (p. 37)
5.3:26A DAY IN MY LIFE: Valen Pillay (p. 9)
6.5:39BRITAIN TODAY: A nation of doctors and nurses (p.14)
7.2:03DEBATE: Should North America have one currency? (p. 30)
8.2:11FOCUS: The language of US elections
9.5:07FOCUS: In search of a leader (excerpt; p. 16)
10.2:29FOCUS: Who's talking?
11.1:09REPLAY: Introduction
12.2:27REPLAY: Pakistan's state of emergency
13.1:46REPLAY: London's police come under fire
14.2:06REPLAY: Trouble at Oprah Winfrey's school
15.3:05EVERYDAY ENGLISH: New Year's resolutions (p. 59)
16.4:38AMERICAN LIFE: I already know all your secrets (p. 50)
17.4:15ENGLISH AT WORK: Discussing documents (p. 64)
18.4:48PEGGY'S PLACE: Drinks are not enough (p. 58)
19.2:26WORD POWER: A good read (see p. 65)
20.5:08SHORT STORY: End of a journey (p. 49)

Discid: misc / 260e9415

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