Most Wanted

Tracks: 20, total time: 62:13, year: 1999, genre: Pop

1.3:28    Nationalsång
2.2:41    Waterloo (German version)
3.4:59    Just like that (slow version)
4.4:51    Just like that (sax version)
5.4:52    Just like that (Lalala version)
6.1:33    Under my sun (rehearsal)
7.3:10    Under my sun
8.1:24    Thank you for the music (unplugged)
9.3:41    Sång till Görel
10.5:09    I am an A
11.2:58    Hovas Vittne
12.2:59    I'm a marionette (live)
13.2:40    Get on the carousel
14.1:08    Sång till Gudrun
15.2:17    Tiveds Hambo
16.3:03    På bröllop
17.3:51    I'm still alive
18.2:03    Every good man
19.2:04    Monsieur, monsieur
20.3:28    Under attack (cold ending)

Category: misc - Discid: 240e9314

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