Taylor Swift

1989 (Deluxe Edition)

Tracks: 19, total time: 68:48, year: 2014, genre: Misc

1.3:33    Welcome To New York
2.3:52    Blank Space
3.3:52    Style
4.3:56    Out Of The Woods
5.3:14    All You Had To Do Was Stay
6.3:40    Shake It Off
7.3:28    I Wish You Would
8.3:33    Bad Blood
9.3:41    Wildest Dreams
10.4:08    How You Get The Girl
11.4:11    This Love
12.3:16    I Know Places
13.4:32    Clean
14.4:06    Wonderland
15.4:28    You Are In Love
16.3:51    New Romantics
17.3:37    I Know Places (Voice Memo)
18.1:48    I Wish You Would (Voice Memo)
19.2:09    Blank Space (Voice Memo)

Category: misc - Discid: 1e101e13

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