shine like it does : the anthology (1979-1997)(disc two)

Tracks: 21, total time: 78:49, year: 2001, genre: Rock

YEAR: 2001

1.3:05Need You Tonight (Single Edit)
2.3:58Devil Inside (Australian Single Edit)
3.3:41New Sensation
4.3:06Never Tear Us Apart
7.3:53Suicide Blonde (7" Mix)
9.3:54Bitter Tears
10.5:05The Stairs (Live)
11.3:22Heaven Sent
12.4:21Not Enough Time (Barcelona LP Fade)
13.3:26Taste It
14.3:12Beautiful Girl (Mendelsohn Mix)
15.4:06The Gift
16.3:04Please (You Got That...) - with Ray Charles
17.3:56The Strangest Party (These Are The Times)
18.3:55Elegantly Wasted (Radio Edit)
19.3:45Let It Ride
20.4:04Don't Lose Your Head
21.4:17Searching (Leadstation Radio Edit)

Discid: misc / 1a127715

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