The Fall Of A Rebel Angel (Deluxe Edition)

Tracks: 36, total time: 70:48, year: 2016, genre: New Age

1.1:03    The Story Of 'Circle Eight'
2.1:52    The Story Of 'The Omega Point'
3.1:28    The Story Of 'Diving'
4.2:02    The Story Of 'The Die Is Cast'
5.2:05    The Story Of 'Mother'
6.2:51    The Story Of 'Agnus Dei'
7.2:40    The Story Of 'Sadeness (Part II)'
8.1:48    The Story Of 'Lost In Nothingness'
9.1:58    The Story Of 'Oxygen Red'
10.2:45    The Story Of 'Confession Of The Mind'
11.1:29    The Story Of 'Absolvo'
12.1:40    The Story Of 'Amen'
13.1:02    La Historia De 'Circle Eight'
14.1:52    La Historia De 'The Omega Point'
15.1:28    La Historia De 'Diving'
16.2:02    La Historia De 'The Die Is Cast'
17.2:05    La Historia De 'Mother'
18.2:51    La Historia De 'Agnus Dei'
19.2:40    La Historia De 'Sadeness (Part II)'
20.1:48    La Historia De 'Lost In Nothingness'
21.1:58    La Historia De 'Oxygen Red'
22.2:45    La Historia De 'Confession Of The Mind'
23.1:29    La Historia De 'Absolvo'
24.1:40    La Historia De 'Amen'
25.1:02    L'Histoire De 'Circle Eight'
26.1:52    L'Histoire De 'The Omega Point'
27.1:28    L'Histoire De 'Diving'
28.2:02    L'Histoire De 'The Die Is Cast'
29.2:05    L'Histoire De 'Mother'
30.2:51    L'Histoire De 'Agnus Dei'
31.2:40    L'Histoire De 'Sadeness (Part II)'
32.1:48    L'Histoire De 'Lost In Nothingness'
33.1:58    L'Histoire De 'Oxygen Red'
34.2:45    L'Histoire De 'Confession Of The Mind'
35.1:29    L'Histoire De 'Absolvo'
36.1:36    L'Histoire De 'Amen'

Category: misc - Discid: 19109624

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