...For President Vol.2

Tracks: 21, total time: 75:44, year: 2006, genre: Rap

1.3:44Bushwhacked Intro
3.0:57Intro After The Intro
4.3:40Not Guilty
5.2:24Another Song For Love
6.3:51Jesus Walks Again
7.3:41SOS Comes For The Champ
8.4:25Hammered -ft. Substantial
9.2:36Two Verses
10.3:19Secret Agent Orange
11.3:52Dirtay -ft. Wordsworth, Rise & Cunninlynguists
12.2:27WQN5 Station ID
13.3:2499 Problems
14.4:18Fuck My Job -ft. Chapter13
15.3:49Bad Luck -ft. Nuke & Chapter13
16.4:22Life Lessons -ft. Deacon the Villan & Cashmere the Professional
17.2:05Arrest The President
18.4:23Stay High -ft. Deacon, FlipFlop & Juicy
19.1:48Another Flawless Victory
20.4:05The Youth

Discid: misc / 1811be15

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